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Wednesday, September 15th - 2:02 am
Update - Jay Navok

Analyzing the new Sailor Moon manga - Short Stories #1  


Click the image for the full version of the cover.

As we wrote about over a year ago, the entirety of the main storylines of the Sailor Moon manga have been re-released with a number of new updates. Ian Miller, of DIES GAUDII fame, has written up for us a list of differences between the bonus volume of the new manga, and the previous version of the tankoubon. Forum moderator SailorJupiter244 provided the scans for this session once again. Thanks to the both of you!

So lets look at Ian's notes on the new manga.

In my last article, I mentioned that there was going to be a new bonus manga volume. At the time, I really didn't know what the book was meant to contain. I assumed that it would have some of the side manga stories from the original version of the manga. Well, I have my copy of the book now, so I can tell you that my original assumption was correct. Now that I have it, I can explain some of the important parts of it.

On the cover, Chibi Usa, who smiles sweetly at us, lies near the sleeping Chibi Chibi in a field of flowers. (Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with flower types, but I'm going to say that the flowers are daisies... anyone is free to correct me.) It was not until I began writing this article that I noticed that Diana is there, too. (I'm assuming it's Diana, even if she is mostly white with dull-blue-gray sections.) There is something about Chibi Usa that I find funny: she has blue finger nails! Now that I think of it, they kind of match up with the blue flower-like shapes near the bottom of the skirt of her dress.

The book's official title seems to be "美少女戦士セーラームーン新装版ショートストーリーズ1," or "Beautiful Girl Soldier Sailor Moon: New Cover Edition: Short Stories [Collection of Short Stories] 1." (Yeah, the "Pretty Guardian SAILORMOON" words are there, too, but I left them out in the translation for the sake of convenience.)

And now we move on to the seemingly obligatory sticker section. There is the usual PGSM logo, which can be found at the top part of the page. Two of the stickers portray manga versions of Princess Sailor Moon. (Admittedly, I have not been following the live-action series for a very long time. In fact, the last episode that I saw was, oh, episode 8. The reason I mentioned that fact is that I'm still rather unfamiliar with that new form of Sailor Moon. Thankfully, takaj posted a picture of Princess Sailor Moon in one of the forum threads.) Stickers of the "dot-eyed" versions of Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Chibi Chibi are there. Finally, there is a sticker of Sailor Chibi Moon. There are a bunch of flower drawings on the sticker page, but they aren't actual stickers.

Just Sailor Chibi Moon and the PGSM logo appear on this volume's title page. Behind her is a plain white background. After I saw the cover, I was expecting to see something more on the title page. At any rate, we have full-colored pages showing 1) Chibi Usa wearing flowers and bunny ears and standing in front of a background with hearts, 2) the Number 1: Beware of the Exchange Student! title page with mostly faces of the main characters, 3) the Contents page.


There is a rather long Contents page this time. The titles of the stories seem to be arranged in groups, so I decided to list them this way:

Notice that the Hammer Price Hall story was originally one of the Chibi Usa Picture Diary stories. Now, it seems to be its own story. Even the other Chibi Usa Picture Diary stories have slightly different names. In that case, I like the changes. They are short and catchy. They make me think of "犬にご用心," "Beware of the Dog" ("Cave Canem").

Other than the title changes, the only other significant changes that I noticed were the new, extra pictures of the girls on various pages. Page 56 shows the very happy-looking Chibi Usa running while pointing to the air for no apparent reason. (Perhaps she's trying to persuade us to read more of the manga?) Makoto wears a cook's outfit while flipping an egg into the air on page 82. The elegant Rei wears a suit and a flower on page 134. Page 162 features my favorite of these new pictures: Usagi, in an pretty outfit, wearing gloves and holding a cup with some liquid in it (perhaps it's "juice")...

The title of this volume and the "to be continued" near the end of the last chapter of this volume all point to the idea that more of these "Short Story" books will be released. So it looks like I'll be writing an article new month. That's not all I have to say, though. The little flap that's on this volume's cover mentions that the "New Cover Edition" of the "Code Name is Sailor V" manga books will be released in October. If the "Short Story" books and the new "Sailor V" books come out at around the same time, that might mean I'll have to write two article enough. Actually, I'm more willing to write one article for two books in one month. Until then, I'm going to decide on what I do... not to mention admire the cover of the present volume (which is one of my favorites).

Many thanks to Ian Miller for that write up and to SJ244 for the scans! You can find the full bundle of scans at their original sizes by poking around the BSSM category of the forums.

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