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Friday, July 2nd - 2:25 am
Update - Jay Navok

Live Action Sailor Moon update (Diaries Catch-up)


Look guys I'm not falling for the "hurr there's a bug on your back" trick a third time.

Chisaki has caught up through most of June on the official Live Action Sailor Moon page and Azama Myuu added a new Today's Mew so I figured I'd take care of those tonight, and have the week's diaries tomorrow.

Sailor Mercury (6/9)

It's June so I figured there'd be a lot of rain but there's actually been a lot of clear days. I wonder if the start of the rainy season is slower here than in Kyoto... This is my first time spending the season here in Tokyo... but since it's been so clear here filming has been going off without a hitch! Each day I look forward to filming!

I am glad to know this.

Sailor Mercury (6/16)

Because of some magazine work I've got plans next week to go to an amusement park!
[This is/was] Chisaki who loves amusement parks and is really looking forward to going.  I hope it doesn't rain.

That's great.

Sailor Mercury (6/23)

The typhoon hit. Was everyone's house okay?? Luckily it was a day off for me, so I just sat quietly at my place. Lately I've received a few days off and so I often spend those days at home. Studying. When I'm not working, I've got to do my best studyin'.

Okay, terrific.
all lies.

There were some fan comments at the bottom of her diary so I figured I'd translate one or two:

Miu-chan. 3 years old, girl, from Miyazaki-ken.

I am a 3 year old girl. My name is Miu. [Written in kanji.] I love Ami. I watched all the DVDs that are on sale. I wear a "henshin dress" [costume, I guess] as I watch TV. Please do your best from now on. I am cheering for you

Miu-chan sure does write Kanji well for a 3 year old:


Not that I'm implying anything.

Kabu-chan. 6 years old, girl, from ?

Dear Ami-chan,
I watch Sailor Moon every Saturday!
The word "Mercury" means "suisei" [Mercury] doesn't it.
When Ami-chan is transformed she's strong and cool huh.
Please do your best from now on.

The real Mizuno Ami.

Today's Mew (6/28)

It's hooot. Lately I've just been eating ice cream. And I've been drinkin' stuff like Frappuccino lately too. (laughs) It's fattening but what can you do! (laughs)

You can just not drink it because it's nasty.

Thanks kenji!

The MS Paint contest voting thread is up. Those who sent in entries, check to make sure I got yours up. If you sent but don't see it there, e-mail me.

Yajiuma wrote in the forums that the Sailor Moon Visual Book won first place in Rank-Kingdom's monthly Idol Photobook list for May. Nice job, and thanks for the info yajiuma!
FYI, I'll be reviewing the book next week.

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