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Saturday, April 2nd - 12:00 am
Update - Andrew Floyd

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon memorial book


 Memorial Book

ISBN 4-09-110656-0

Published by Shogakukan, 2004

If you loved the TV series, collected some of the toys, and even have the series on home video, you need this book. It's chock full of pictures you will love to see again and again and likely scan to make yet another fan-made Windoze wallpaper. You can even scan out the Luna head passport and pretend you're going to your own special room at Crown Karaoke!!

We all know the show as presented on Japanese TV had Act numbers for each episode, but what this book also provides is a list of the actual episode titles, missing from the broadcast. Original air dates are also provided.


 The Luna Pass

Some one or 2 page special bits are throughout the book, and these include Welcome to Usagi's room, Let's sing together with Sailor Moon, transformation items and poses, and Luna's Fashion Check, among others.

tonikaku, here's a translated listing of the episode titles. These are my own work and have not been copied from any other source, only from this wonderful book. 780 yen, but likely available in the U.S. for about double that, thanks to Diamond Distribution. (Cheap at twice the price.)


1. 10/4/03 I am Sailor Moon!
2. 10/11/03 Ami-chan became a friend
3. 10/18/03 The 3rd Senshi is miko Rei-chan
4. 10/25/03 Sneaking into the party!
5. 11/01/03 Is Usagi-chan a true friend?
6. 11/08/03 The transfer student is Sailor Jupiter
7. 11/15/03 He saw me transforming!
8. 11/22/03 Rei and her father
9. 11/29/03 I'll protect the maboroshi Silver Crystal
10 12/06/03 I am Queen Beryl, Queen of Darkness
11 12/13/03 We got to meet the real Minako-chan!
12 12/20/03 Sailor V's true identity was the Princess!
13 12/27/03 The last of the Big Four (shitennou), Kunzite, appears
14 1/10/04 Usagi is turning into a youma?
15 1/17/04 I'll punish the thief!
16 1/24/04 I must save Oosaka-san!
17 1/31/04 Minako transforms in front of Rei's eyes
18 2/7/04 At last, all 5 Sailor senshi are together
19 2/14/04 Usagi's doki doki Valentine
20 2/21/04 Hina-san was Mamoru's fiancee'
21 2/28/04 What did you do to Ami-chan!
22 3/6/04 Ami-chan becomes an enemy
23 3/13/04 In order to awaken her senshi powers, Rei sings
24 3/20/04 I can't forget about Chiba Mamoru after all
25 3/27/04 So Tuxedo Mask's true identity was Chiba Mamoru
26 4/3/04 Usagi-chan is the Real Princess!
27 4/17/04 Luna became a Sailor senshi!
28 4/24/04 Welcome back, Ami-chan!
29 5/1/04 Minako's rival, Kuroki Mio, is a transfer student?
30 5/8/04 Mio deceives Usagi-chan
31 5/15/04 Jupiter awakens her senshi powers!
32 5/22/04 Mamoru came back
33 5/29/04 Ami-chan is changing schools?
34 6/5/04 A mother-and-daughter talk
35 6/12/04 Sailor Venus and Zoicite are working together?
36 6/19/04 Princess Sailor Moon appears!
37 6/26/04 The Princess will cause a catastrophe!?
38 7/3/04 Believe me! I definitely won't destroy the planet!
39 7/10/04 Usagi-chan's mother challenge as a reporter!
40 7/17/04 Minako vs Rei, where's the battle?
41 7/24/04 Actually, I'm a senshi!
42 7/31/04 I won't use the power of the maboroshi Silver Crystal!
43 8/7/04 Usagi and Mamoru's promise
44 8/14/04 Zoicite turned back into a stone
45 8/21/04 Youma Metallia's violent attack
46 8/28/04 Sailor Venus awakens her senshi powers
47 9/4/04 Sayonara, Minako
48 9/18/04 Mamoru is captured by Metallia!
49 9/25/04 Final act - The 5 Sailor Senshi surpassed their previous

Special Act - We're Getting Married!

Act 0 - The story before the birth of Sailor V (March 2005 release)

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